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May Mental Health Awareness Month: An Interview With Salvatore Savatta, MD

May has been recognized and celebrated as Mental Health Awareness month within the United States since 1949. During the month of May, efforts are made to reach millions across the nation through media, local events, screenings, and other platforms to raise awareness on the importance of mental health to our overall wellbeing. Now more than ever, we are experiencing more open dialogue and appreciation of the vital role mental health plays in our daily lives.  Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act as we cope with life, as well as determining how we handle stress, relate to others, make choices, and function in society. PsychU would like to join the awareness efforts by providing perspectives from experts in psychiatry and behavioral health on the significance of Mental Health Awareness month by uncovering ways in which we can all play a role to raise awareness and enhance the lives of individuals with mental health challenges and their loved ones. Listen in as Dr. Salvatore Savatta discusses some of these topics with moderator Rachel Self, PhD, MD.

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Courtney Santiago

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