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Can TMS help with weight loss?

According to the CDC, approximately 40% of the country is overweight, and the rate continues to climb as time goes by.  From a public health perspective, it is clear that more options are necessary to help with weight loss. 

The best weight loss options center around healthy eating and exercise.  Unfortunately, in today's world, it is very difficult for many people to make these necessary changes.  In these circumstances, there are medical options that can help.

At present there are several FDA approved medications for weight loss, that can be safely prescribed by a primary care doctor.  For people who take psychiatric medications, it is often possible for their mental health practitioner to modify these medications in such a way to keep the psychiatric benefits but reduce their effect on weight and appetite.  In some circumstances, weight loss surgery is a very effective option.

TMS may someday also be an option that doctors will be able to prescribe to help with weight loss.  For those of you reading this blog that are interested, feel free to follow the link to Medscape for more information regarding weight loss and TMS.

Salvatore Savatta, MD

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